Loki Season 2 Episode 1 Review: A Chaotic and Intriguing Start

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Loki Season 2 Episode 1


Loki Season 2, Episode 1, titled “Ouroboros,” presents a chaotic and intriguing commencement to the new season. It seamlessly continues from the Season 1 finale, where Loki finds himself transported to a TVA distinct from the one he left behind. This transformed TVA is marked by increased chaos and unpredictability, setting Loki on a swift escape from the pursuing Minutemen.

Plot and Characters:

The story unfolds immediately after the season one finale, where Sylvie eliminates He Who Remains, setting in motion a series of events across the multiverse. A few minutes into the episode, we discover Loki’s unexpected placement—not in an alternate TVA, but in its past iteration. This temporal displacement stems from Loki’s glitching through time, a phenomenon reminiscent of Miles Morales’ experience in Spiderman: Across the Spider-Verse. Loki, in a chaotic spree, jumps uncontrollably between timelines, desperately searching for Mobius, who, at a sudden turn, fails to recognize him.

The narrative takes a pivotal turn as Loki and Mobius reunite in the present version of the judge’s room. There, Loki exposes He Who Remains as the mastermind behind the TVA, revealing his statue concealed behind the wall. The moment is fleeting as Loki experiences yet another glitch. Mobius suggests seeking aid from a TVA technician. With the introduction of a new character, Ouroboros (Nickname: OB, portrayed by the delightful Ke Huy Quan), we learn that Loki’s condition is termed “time slipping,” an ailment incompatible with the TVA.

In a significant scene, Loki jumps to the past version of OB, instructing him to build a device for future use. Upon Loki’s return to the present, OB recollects the cure, locating the device. Subsequently, Loki and Mobius are directed to the Temporal Loom to eliminate Loki from the timelines, thereby curing his time-slipping condition. However, they discover the Temporal Loom is destabilizing. OB states he requires time to rectify it, leading to the closure of TVA gates. Simultaneously, Mobius ventures into the temporal loom with the device, successfully curing Loki. The episode concludes with the minutemen embarking on a quest to locate Sylvie.

The plot of the episode is fast-paced and exciting, introducing numerous new plot threads and characters. It is evident that the writers have extensive plans for this season, and I am eager to witness its unfolding.

One notable aspect of the episode is the intriguing introduction of new characters, particularly Ouroboros. His character is captivating, and I look forward to delving deeper into his story in future episodes.

The handling of the dynamic relationship between Loki and Mobius is a standout. The two characters exhibit great chemistry, and I am keen to observe the evolution of their connection as the season unfolds.


One notable aspect of this episode is the outstanding performance. Tom Hiddleston once again shines in his portrayal of Loki, complemented by the excellent support of Owen Wilson as Mobius and Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie. Wilson and Hiddleston share great chemistry, making their scenes among the most entertaining in the episode.

Ke Huy Quan delivers an exceptional performance as OB, infusing the character with energy and nuance. He portrays a character who is both intelligent and affably fun.

The supporting cast also excels, with Wunmi Mosaku delivering standout performances. Mosaku is particularly memorable in her role as the cold and calculating Hunter B-15.

Direction and visuals

The show boasts a distinctive visual style, and the directors adeptly utilize the camera and editing techniques to evoke a palpable sense of suspense and excitement. The episode, notably, showcases breathtaking visuals, exemplified by the mesmerizing scene where Loki plummets through the TVA.

Mid Credits Scene

The episode has one mid-credits scene, in which we see Sylvie in an unknown timeline. She visits a restaurant and inquires with the waiter about the food, expressing her desire to try everything. This stems from her struggle to lead a normal life since childhood, having been pruned by the TVA for being a variant.

Overall thoughts

In summary, I found Loki Season 2, Episode 1 to be a compelling kickoff to the new season. It delivered an entertaining and visually stunning experience, complemented by outstanding performances from the cast. I am eager to witness the unfolding narrative of the season.

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