Netflix The SandMan: What You Need to Know

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Netflix The SandMan

Netflix The SandMan

In its nearly 10-year history, Netflix has introduced viewers to many wonderful characters, from superheroes to serial killers with a taste for human flesh. But until recently, the streaming service had been largely devoid of fairy tales and mythology. That all changed in January 2019, when Netflix The Sandman released its first-ever original series based on the works of famous storytellers like Hans Christian Andersen, the Brothers Grimm, and — you guessed it — Neil Gaiman.

With a focus on strange and sinister stories about witches, ogres, and other fantastical creatures that lurk in the shadows of our world, Netflix’s new anthology series The Sandman is everything you could want from a modern take on fairy tales. Read on for more information about The Sandman on Netflix to decide whether it’s right for you!

What is The Sandman on Netflix?

The Sandman on Netflix is an anthology series based on the works of famed fantasy novelist Neil Gaiman. In June 2019, Netflix signed a deal to produce the series. Filming lasted from October 2020 to August 2021. The series is a modern take on classic fantasy and mythological stories, featuring themes of magic, mischief, and mayhem. The Sandman follows the adventures of the eponymous Sandman, also known as Dream, a powerful being who exists in a realm called the Dreaming and is responsible for creating and controlling all of our dreams. Early in the series, the Sandman is captured by a group of humans and imprisoned in a magical urn.

While in this urn, the Sandman slowly loses his powers, unable to sustain his realm and the dreams that inhabit it. In order to escape, the Sandman must find a human to serve as his “soul” and free him from the urn. The series follows the Sandman as he travels across the world, seeking this missing soul while being hunted by various humans and creatures who either want to imprison him again or use his powers for their own nefarious deeds.

Who is in the cast of The Sandman?

The Sandman on Netflix isn’t your typical, 10-episode television series. Instead, it’s a sprawling, 10-episode miniseries, complete with a longer runtime (45 minutes per episode) and a bigger production budget than your average Netflix series.



  • David Thewlis as John Dee, Cripps’s and Burgess’s son, whose endeavor to find “truth” jeopardizes the world. Gaiman described Dee as a character “who could break your heart and keep your sympathy while taking you into the darkest places”.[7][8]
  • Jenna Coleman as Johanna Constantine, an occult detective. Coleman plays two versions of the character: the present-day descendant based on John Constantine, and her identical eighteenth-century ancestor Lady Johanna Constantine.[7][8][9]
  • Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer Morningstar, the ruler of Hell. This series incarnation of Lucifer is much closer to the character’s original depiction in the comics than his depiction in the 2016 Lucifer television series. Neil Gaiman noted that it would be difficult to reconfigure the Lucifer version, portrayed by Tom Ellis, so he would fit back into The Sandman, although having Ellis reprise his role was considered.[5][10]
  • Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death, the personification of death and Dream’s kinder, wiser sister.[7][8]
  • Ferdinand Kingsley as Hob Gadling, Dream’s friend who has lived for hundreds of years.[11]
  • Sandra James-Young as Unity Kinkaid, Rose’s benefactor and great-grandmother who has recently awakened from a century-long slumber.[7][8]
  • Kyo Ra as Rose Walker / The Vortex, a young woman was searching for her lost brother who becomes a prey of the Corinthian.[7][8][12]
  • Razane Jammal as Lyta Hall, Rose’s friend, and a widow mourning her husband.[7][8]
  • Eddie Karanja as Jed Walker / The Sandman, Rose’s younger brother and the ward of Gault who protects him from his abusive foster parents via The Dreaming

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Is The Sandman scary?

The Sandman on Netflix is definitely not a series for kids or anyone sensitive to scary imagery. With a focus on dark and disturbing fairy tales, the show features everything from disturbing imagery, a grown man eating his own fingers — to disturbing themes, like an episode about a boy trapped in a basement who slowly goes insane to an episode about a woman slowly transforming into a pig. Additionally, the series ends with a two-part finale that imagines what happens when the Sandman is finally captured and imprisoned.

In this terrifying dreamscape, reminiscent of The Nightmare Before Christmas, people are hunted by the Sandman’s ravenous hounds, the sky is black and full of crows, and all of the creatures of the night are loose and ready to hunt. So, yeah, The Sandman on Netflix isn’t for the faint of heart.

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Where to stream The Sandman: Season 1

The Sandman on Netflix Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix. You can find the series under the “Comedies,” “Mysteries and Sci-Fi,” and “Action and Adventure” tabs, depending on the type of content you’re interested in. Alternatively, you can search for “The Sandman” to find the series in your “Continue Watching” section. Season 2 is currently in production and does not have a release date as of this writing. If you’re looking for a series that’s both dark and magical, The Sandman on Netflix is a great place to start.

Where to stream The Sandman: Season 2

The Sandman on Netflix Season 2 has not been confirmed yet, though showrunner and creator Gaiman has stated that he has an ending in mind for the series. There is no word on when The Sandman on Netflix Season 2 will premiere, though the series is expected to last at least two seasons.

Is The Sandman on Netflix worth watching?

If you’re looking for a series that’s both dark and magical, The Sandman on Netflix is a great place to start. With a mix of horror and magic, the series is unlike anything else available on Netflix. While some episodes are definitely stronger than others, The Sandman on Netflix is a must-watch for fans of dark fantasy and the strange creatures that lurk in the shadows of our world.

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